Andrea Barnes is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Washington, DC.

Grounded in a lifelong love of drawing, Barnes’ practice extends to include a wide range of exploratory paintings, collages, and mixed media pieces. Moving between bold colors and more subdued imagery, her work is reflective of her experiences and influenced by her interest in the intersections of memory, music, natural science and complex systems.

Barnes creates her contemporary multi-layered works by combining a variety of expressive drawing and painting materials with personal symbols and out-of-context images. These include: maps, scientific illustrations, charts, photographs, numbers, and press type. Her intuitive process-driven approach results in collage-like nonlinear narratives — imagined inner landscapes — inviting the viewer to discover unexpected associations and connections.

Barnes holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Colgate University and studied Fine Art at the School of Visual Arts and the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Her work has been shown extensively on the East Coast and is included in numerous private collections throughout the U.S.